Our clients include homeowners renovating their personal primary residences, secondary homes, and pied-à-terre’s, as well as rental properties and “flips”. In addition to working with homeowners, we work with a wide range of property managers, real estate developers, brokers, and investors on the full range of residential, commercial, and hospitality portfolios. Having completed over a 100 renovations in New York City and the East Coast, we’re familiar with many building types, regulatory agencies, and the unique opportunities and constraints each kind of building and jurisdiction offers.

Interior Design

      We specialize in interior design and interior architecture services working closely with our clients to capture styles and moods unique to the way they live and work. Everyone’s homes are uniquely personal spaces and we work closely with our clients to achieve interior design environments that are bespoke to their personalities and preferences. Our experience with many developers and property managers in nearly every neighborhood in New York City has given us deep insights into a wide range of markets their real estate products are positioned for.

Apartment and Building Combinations

      Apartment and building combinations provide great opportunities for designing more breathing room, better more efficient uses of space, and uniquely differentiated real estate assets in increasingly dense urban markets. We have experience designing and permitting small and large residential and commercial combinations and subdivisions in a variety of building types and zoning districts. Apartment and building combinations involve careful planning for building services, site utilities, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. These projects require navigating and optimizing often times complex zoning regulations, Department of Buildings records, and Department of Finance approvals. Along with our team of leading industry consultants, we provide early insight and consistent delivery of our designs to get the most out the unique potentials of combinations.

Vertical and Horizontal Extensions

     Our expertise with zoning, land-use, and tax lot analysis comes from over 15 years of experience designing a variety of vertical and horizontal extensions to many different building construction types and zoning environments. Many buildings have additional zoning floor area and air rights available to them but are not built out to their highest and best use. Tax and zoning lot combinations create a matrix of potential options for design. We have experience designing and permitting vertical and horizontal extensions to buildings in New York City and dense urban centers that have unlocked additional floor area for our clients that would not have been accessible otherwise. Beyond zoning and regulatory approvals for these projects, we assemble highly specialized teams of consultants based on the specific characteristics of the buildings being added to. Each project is unique and requires structural, mechanical, geotechnical, environmental, and other consultants with specific knowledge applicable to ensuring a seamless delivery of each design.

Custom Millwork and Architectural Metals Design

      Custom millwork is an integral part of every project and connects the larger scale of architectural design and space to the smaller details we interact with, touch, and use on a daily basis. Our design team’s experience includes backgrounds in finished carpentry, millwork fabrication, and furniture making. As designers with experience making, we are able to help plan and visualize custom millwork for our projects ranging from simple built-ins to elaborate kitchens, bars, and sculptural stairs. We work closely with general contracts and fabricators to select the best and most efficient shops for each design we make. Throughout construction we remain involved reviewing shop drawings and spending time on shop floors with fabricators to get every detail and finish just right.

Custom Furniture, Lighting, and Accessories

      Sometimes the best chair, light fixture, or door handle for a space doesn’t exist and we have to create it. We have experience as industrial designers rapidly prototyping and developing custom furniture, lighting, and other furnishings during a project’s design and construction timeline so bespoke pieces can be included in the interior furnishing of projects. We have an extensive network of local (to NYC), regional, and international makers, artisans, and tinkerers we work with for whatever the design challenge. Some are small shops and some are large corporations with globally commercialized products. Across this range we have successfully delivered custom FF&E meeting a wide range of design ambitions and regulatory certifications on fast project development timelines.

Loose Furnishings

      Loose furnishings are intrinsic to interior design. As part of our interior design scope on projects we frequently select, source, and procure loose furnishings for our clients. Whether its curating furnishings of exotic provenance, reupholstering and refinishing a nostalgic family heirloom piece, procuring made-to-order furniture, or meeting project deadlines by selecting read-to-ship options, our interior design team works at every stage of design to mood-board and visualize loose furnishings so they work perfectly with the overall aesthetic of the project.

Design-Build Project Delivery

     Selecting the right project delivery method is critical to the success of every project. Approximately half of our clients prefer engaging a contractor during the design process to provide iterative guidance on construction costs and construction schedules at each phase of design. Early in the pre-design phase of scoping a project before engaging in a design contract with our clients we work with our clients to help evaluate what project delivery method will be best for them. We have extensive experience with design-bid-build, design-build, and design-prefab-build project delivery methods. We have established partnerships with industry leading contractors in all project delivery methods.


      Our owner services team is available to help procure fixtures, furnishings, equipment, hardware, and select construction materials. Procurement of long lead time materials prior to construction mobilization reduces the risks of delays and creates additional control for clients over the direct material costs for projects. Examples of procurement items includes appliances, lighting, door hardware, plumbing hardware, stone, tile, wood flooring, fireplaces, and planters. Our trade pricing is the result of large volumes of procurement across many projects which translates to reduced risk and savings for our clients.

Bidding and Contractor Selection

      Whether a project is priced iteratively during design or bid competitively at the end of design, we work closely with our clients to identify the right contractors for our projects and are available to competitively bid their contracts. We work with construction managers, owners’ representatives, contractors, and subcontractors to help assemble the most appropriate team for the project and to facilitate transparency in all the construction costs associated with a project.

Zoning and Code Analysis

     We provide zoning and code analysis for projects in any jurisdiction on all types of properties. Zoning and code analysis is crucial to perform during the pre-design phase of every project to identify the highest and best uses for development or the most advantageous configuration of additions or site placement.


      Weprovide comprehensive permitting application and approval services for alltypes of NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) requirements. This includes experiencewith all city agencies such as the Department of Finance (DoF), HousingPreservation & Development (HPD),  Departmentof Transportation (DOT), Parks Department, Landmarks Preservation Commission(LPC), New York City Fire Department (FDNY), Community Boards, and more. Whetherit's a minor alterations, major Alt 2 or Alt 1 application for renovations, newconstructions, vertical, or horizontal extensions, we handle each step of thepermitting process for you and the project team.

Our team navigates the complexities of DOB regulations regularly with the kind ofsenior foresight only possible to know from years of experience. We are able tode-risk your project with pre-filing technical reviews ensuring timely approvalfor your project.  

Permitting requirements based onthe location of your project, we are capable of working with approvals in all jurisdictionsin the United States and have a proven track record with approvals in CA, MA,NH, VT, CT, MA, NJ, NY, PA, FL and the Caribbean.

Landmarks Approvals

NewYork City has a rich history of historic building types dating back to the 17thand 18th century. We have experience with Landmarks PreservationCommission (LPC) approvals of various project types in New York City. Theseinclude all LPC designations: individual, interior, scenic, and historicdistrict as well as approvals in buildings on the National Historic Register.Our experience includes Certificate of No Effect (CNE), Permit for Minor Work(PMW), and Certificate of Appropriateness (C of A) approvals.

Construction Administration

     We provide peace of mind throughout construction with our comprehensiveconstruction administration services. For each project we tailor the scope ofour involvement during construction to meet the exact needs of the project teamfrom minor to comprehensive construction administration. We seamlessly bridgethe gap between design and execution, ensuring your vision is realized withprecision and efficiency.

Our team of experienced professionals oversees every phase of the constructionprocess, from pre-construction planning to project closeout. We act as youradvocate, representing your interests and safeguarding the integrity of yourdesign. Through regular site visits, thorough inspections, and proactiveproblem-solving, we mitigate risks and address issues promptly to keep yourproject on track and within budget.

Communicationis at the heart of our approach. We foster transparent dialogue between all stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and alignment to achieve shared goals.With clear and detailed construction observation reporting, you'll stayinformed every step of the way.

Fromcoordinating with contractors and subcontractors to resolving conflicts andensuring quality control, our construction administration services provide thesupport and expertise you need to bring your architectural vision to lifeseamlessly.

Building Management Approvals

      Simplifya nd clearly navigate the first step of a project’s approval process with ourBuilding Management Approvals service. We streamline the intricate and often lengthytask of navigating building alteration agreements, building management reviews,board reviews, and management company third-party architect and engineerreviews ensuring you have a clear understanding of what is required for your project,ensuring your project meets all necessary standards, and you are able torealize your project without compromise. Our team manages approvals andcommunications with all parties handling all applications and negotiations onyour behalf.

We meticulously review plans to anticipate potential issues, offering strategic insights to expedite approvals and minimize delays. With our expertise, you canconfidently navigate zoning regulations, building codes, management policies, andpermit applications, saving time and resources.

Frominitial concept to final sign-off, we guide you through every stage of theapproval process, providing transparency and clear expectations. As part of ourBuilding Management Approvals service, we help you and the contractors we workwith navigate the complexities of compliance from start to finish.

Landscape Design and Hardscape Design

Landscape is integral to our built environments. When possible, we design seamlessly with exterior and interior landscapes and gardens to connect the spaces we live and work in back to nature. Including softscapes and gardens in urban and rural projects should be accessible, easily maintainable, and self-sustaining. We work with teams of leading landscape designers, landscape architects, and gardeners to incorporate softscapes and hardscapes as often as possible in our projects. We have experience working with many types of building structural systems and co-op and condo building management companies on approvals for rooftop and terrace gardens. Our landscape partners provide maintenance plans and reliable service for our designs long after they are built.

Feasibility Studies

      We offer feasibility studies early in the design process and often as a pre-designand pre-contract service to make sure the scope and budget of your project willbe a success. With careful analysis of site conditions, zoning regulations, potentialproject team structures, preliminary cost assumptions from appropriate builders,and an understanding of budgetary constraints we help you assess the viabilityof your project early in the design process.


      The beginning of anyproject includes a careful Programming Phase. We engage in in-depthconsultations to understand your needs, objectives, and aspirations for theproject. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we work to understandand define your project's scope, functions, and spatial requirements, layingthe foundation for a tailored design solution. Our team synthesizes your scopeinto concise program documents, ensuring alignment with your vision and budget.By understanding and aligning with your priorities for the project early in theprocess we are able to move forward with design towards common project goalsand design criteria together.

Conceptual Design

     Not all projects begin with a client that has a clear budgetand clear scope. In these cases it can be advantageous to begin with a conceptdesign phase before committing to an overall architectural design services contract.When a client comes to us with a clear budget and scope the concept designphase is part of the schematic design phase of a project. However, sometimes itis prudent to work on concept design as a separate initial stage to helpclients identify what is possible with their potential project. During conceptdesign we collaborate closely with you to define the vision, goals, and architecturaldirection of your project while identifying order of magnitude project scopeand budget. Through brainstorming sessions and creative exploration, we developconceptual sketches and diagrams that reveal what is possible with yourproject.

Schematic Design

      During schematic design the project requirements are firstelaborated in schematic design options. This process is typically highly iterativeand results in multiple design options for consideration in the form of sketches,diagrams, drafted plans, and conceptual models. During this phase of work clientmeetings are the most frequent and collaborative. Schematic design is typicallyinformed by research into the project’s requirements, investigation into siteconditions, and matching the right consultant teams to the project’s specific requirements.

    An initial overviewof the look and feel of the project as well as general approaches foraddressing the project’s interior and exterior space planning, position,massing, and relationships in overall site planning are prepared as basedocumentation for the project.

     At the end of schematic design one option is selected and approvedby the client to be distributed to consultants including, for example,engineers and the contractor to begin preconstruction pricing and furthercoordination in design development.

     During schematic design regulatory approval pathconsiderations are identified with specific focus on zoning and codecompliance. Viability of key planning decisions that meaningfully impact the projectscope, time line, and budget are considered and are the focus of schematicdesign criteria.

Design Development

      During the design development phase, the project undergoesa detailed analysis and documentation regarding its cost, structure, andconstruction performance. The design evolves to include all significant design details,layouts for electrical, lighting, and mechanical systems, as well as selectionsfor materials, fixtures, millwork, interior design, and furniture. At the endof this phase, a set of drawings is provided, outlining the owner-approveddesign in sufficient detail for preliminary cost estimates. Most, if not all,finish materials, hardware, appliances, and equipment are chosen and accountedfor in the drawings. Additionally, coordination with engineering and otherconsultants increases alignment with project budgets, schedules, and third-partyscopes of work. Procurement for specialty items can be initiated, and progresspricing can begin with contractors. Finally, these drawings serve as the basisfor construction and regulatory approval, with permit drawings sometimes issuedearly to expedite approvals and save time.

Construction Documents

      The client-approved design development drawings are furtherelaborated to produce a complete set of construction drawings that delineate indetail the profiles, dimensions, and materials representing the design intentof the project in sufficient detail to be used as the basis for theconstruction of the project. The construction documents serve as therepresentation of the project on which the contractor prices and constructs theproject. Depending on the appropriate project delivery method selected for theproject, the construction documents may be used for bidding the project or theircompletion may be sequenced for an integrated or design/build projectexecution.

Rendering and Visualization

      We approach the rendering and visualization of a project asits own craft. Our rendering services range from quick and resourceful sketches,to in house 3D modeled still and animated images, to the highest qualityphotorealistic rendering, animations, VR, and AR experiences. Renderings bring yourarchitectural vision to life while the project is still on the drawing boards.Using cutting-edge technology and artistic expertise, we create conceptual and photorealisticrenderings that vividly depict your project before construction begins. Frominterior spaces, to exterior facades, and key details, our renderings cancapture every part of a project with precision, clarity, and inspiration. Our team leverages advanced 3D modeling software to produceimmersive visualizations that showcase design concepts, materials, and lighting.These images can be used for studying the design,  stakeholder approvals,  and marketing your project to enhancecommunication and foster a deeper understanding of your vision.

Building Information Modeling

      At the start of any project we identify the best softwaredelivery approach for the project’s needs. This includes using BuildingInformation Modeling (BIM) software for projects of all scales and complexity.With BIM software we integrate geometric, spatial, and functional data into asingle cohesive model that simplifies coordination across all third-partyconsultants. BIM services offer insight into your design, allowing foraccurate visualization, coordination, and analysis throughout the entireproject lifecycle. From conceptualization to construction and beyond. In particularfor larger and complex projects BIM streamlines workflows across large teams andhelps manage risk.

3D Modeling

      We us state-of-the-art software to generate meticulously detaileddigital representations of your projects, offering a virtual tour of yourvision before it's built. Our team specializes in creating accurate andlifelike 3D models that showcase every aspect of your design, from spatiallayout to material finishes. With our 3D models, you can explore different perspectives,iterate on design concepts, and make informed decisions with confidence.Whether you're visualizing interior spaces, exterior facades, or complexstructural elements, our 3D Modeling services provide a powerful tool forcommunication and collaboration throughout the design process.