Our Name

     Our studio is named after grandma Sottile. Her last name means “subtle” in Italian. She knew how to bring everyone together. She always knew what was appropriate. She listened, inspired, and led with loving energy. She knew how to get things done. She made everything look easy. She did it all with style and always made it fun.

About Us

     Sottile & Company is a full service design studio working across architectural, landscape, and interior design. We work with our clients to develop and refine clear intentions and set clear expectations. Each project begins by closely listening to our clients. We have experience designing across all styles and can work with you on the style that is most  appropriate  for  you.  Our  portfolio  includes  the  renovation  and  new construction of apartments, condos, rowhouses, townhomes, single family homes, and multifamily buildings

     We  guide  our  clients  through  their  project  so  they  can  make  informed design and planning decisions allowing them to stay in control of their budget, schedule, and quality of their project. We take pride in our deep knowledge of design, construction, regulatory approvals, and project  management.  Our  experience  includes  work  across  different  types of buildings, scales of projects, and project delivery methods with a broad network of trusted contractors, vendors, and consultants. We work carefully with our clients to understand their needs so we bring together the right team and structure the right process for them.